What is Tropicana?


Slang for an ounce of marijuana or and ounce of "Jay" which "OJ" is short for and "OJ" is also short for orange juice and to show that its high quality weed its called a tropicana because tropicana is the best OJ around

yo nigga I got like 400 bucks you think we can get a Tropicana with this?

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the god of orange juices

soooo good

See Tanya


A girl who is all natural nothing added or taken out no plastic surgery

"Yo check out that chick over there"

"Yea man she dont got any scars from plastic surgery"

"She is most definitly a tropicana"

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A traditional Dutch cocktail, consisting of a cold beer and a hot coffee. You drink this side by side, do not mix!

Marc: "The twelve-o-clock beer-alarm sounded but i still have coffee"

Tim: "Make it a Tropicana then, bitch"

Jelle: "Mok"

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Orange juice. Squeezed to perfection. The best selling brand in the United States and Britain. It's unconcentrated properties mean that it tastes so good you won't want to share it...ever!

I hope you haven't been drinking my Tropicana that stuff costs £1.65 a litre!!

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