What is T'showers?


A mythical creature that during the 1700's, in colonial America, that would lure male teenagers into its cave during a rain storm with promises to give them knowledge of plants, and procede to torture and eat them.

In 1776 while fighting the british, Twp militia men, James R. Higgins III & Captain Brian Andrew Jacobs discovered a abandoned cave in Maryland filled with bones and articles of men's clohing.

T'Showers is said to appear every 50 years as a High School Biology Teacher due to her love of plants and fresh testostrone.

Cherries were thought to be a repelent.

When It begins to rain and I walk through the woods I run for I do not wish to be approached by T'Showers.

"Yo Nate, I Think our bio teacher is T'Showers."

"Dude, I need to go buy some cherries then!"

See o-beam, colonial, shelter


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