Tuff Muff

What is Tuff Muff?


a butchass dykelesbian. usually dressed in doc martins, flannel shits, sporting the mullet, has both nose and tongue piercing combined with visibly noticable tattoes to show how bad ass she is. they call thier tongues the lesbotallywacker. tuff muff tattoed on your knuckles is the extreme case. trust me, i work with one. during sex they are usually the giver not the taker. she wears the strap on everytime, or she is always the stronger of the scissoring action. they love to pick fights with men by calling them breeders or camel foot.

look, that butch dyke is going to kick that dudes ass! she's trying to rip his tea bags right out of his pants! note to self "do not mess with that tuff muff unless you want to get into leglock and your face will be right next to her camel toe"

See lesbian, dyke, queer, ellen, rainbow, lumberjack, dude, butch


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