Tupac Shakur

What is Tupac Shakur?


The Greates Rapper Ever. Not only was he the best rapper, he was a great poet and actor. Tupac Sold Millions of records world wide. Sadly Tupac was shot on Sept 7 1996 Later Died 7 dayz later on Sept 13, 1996. A lot of rappers today have been influenced by Tupac, RIP

RIP Tupac Shakur, The leader of this rap shit

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the greatest rapper known to man kind.

tupac had a voice, and wasn't afraid to use it to speak up for the black race. now even though he's deceased his voice will still be heard for generations to come.

r.i.p brotha and c ya at the crossroads.

i see no changes

all i see is racist faces

misplaced hate makes disgrace to races

we under

i wonder what it takes to make this one better place

lets erase the wasted

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The BEST rapper in the world, he rocks!!

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The Greatest Of All Time, He was the best rapper ever, not only was he a great rapper he was a poet and a great actor. This man sold millions of records world wide. Sadly Tupac was shot on Sept. 7, 1996 then later died 7 dayz on Sept 13, 1996.

RIP Tupac Shakur, The leader of this rap shit

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the biggest rapper-song-writer

the translation of 'Tupac Shakur' is: "Shining Serpant thankful to God"


1. The gretaest rapper ever.

2. The founder of Thug Life

3. God rest his soul

Ans still I see no changes

All I see is racist faces

Misplaced hate brings disgrace to races


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The Greatest Rapper of all Time

Man pac would kick anus/wackermath's ass if he were alive today/


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