Turkey Leg

What is Turkey Leg?


A 750 mL bottle of Wild Turkey.

"Oh man, that 48-minute version of Freebird was sweet. Let's kill a turkey leg before the encore."


"I'm sorry officer, one minute I was cracking open a turkey leg, next thing I knew I woke up in an ice cream truck wearing children's underpants."


"Dude 1: Hey, man, last night I had a turkey leg and couldn't feel my dick afterwards.

Dude 2: Wow."

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The act of a clean shaven male holding his penis by the head with his hand while exposing his cock & scrotum to an unsuspecting victim. therefore appearing to be holding up an upside down turkey leg. The act is simply done for shock purposes.

"Hey man, I walked into the kitchen with five party guests and Alan was standing there turkey leg in hand. Little surprised."

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a big fat blunt that is rolled so that it is skinny on one side and has a big bulge on the other end, resembling a turkey's leg

hey paul, roll us a big fat turkey leg so we can get stoned

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