What is Turner?


A creeper teacher who like to stalk boys and watch them take showers

I found a gay guy in the shower and he pulled a turner

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a strange attention seeking person that always needs to get there way & has two faces.

(your boyfreind/girlfreind); i want to meet your freind

(you) no way there a right turner they might try to steal you from me

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Ultimate raving V.I.P Ladies use it as a term to describe a certain type of male titillates the ladies with his outstanding good looks charming smooth lines also referred to as entrepreneur. See sexy for further information

I met a bloke in a club (escapades) he was a proper turner

See raving, entrepreneur, v.i.p, turner, escapades


A high school in Carrollton, Tx. Known for the best people you will ever meet. The girls are badass. The guys are the shit. We work our asses off more than you'll ever know. You're going to do something? We'll do it it harder, better, faster, AND stronger than you. And we'll do that shit PERFECT.

FUCK YOU. We go to Turner

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(verb) To reciprocate and eat the balls of a suspended yankee.

While his balls were being soundly yankeed by Jim, Hal decided that he was in the mood to do some turnering himself!

See yankee, jim, eat, balls, upside-down, hal, turner


when a friend uses a word that you claim to be your own, and to resolve the conflict you decide to share the word.

" Right-O Matt"

Hey thats my word

"Well lets Turner"

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