What is Turquoise?


A blend of blue and green, In holistic medicine, the color turquoise purportedly has a calming effect on patients, and is particularly used to treat patients prone to panic attacks or mania. To a lesser degree, mainstream psychiatric hospitals also use turquoise and other light shades of blue and green to calm patients by painting the walls in these colors. Turquoise is perceived by most people as the coldest of all colors citation needed.


In slang form, the phrase "The Turquoise" refers to the waters of the Caribbean, which are shallow and therefore take on the color in sunlight.

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Think's it's a colour. When really, its just pretending to be a mixture of green and blue.

Person: What's your favourite colour?

Laura: Turquoise

Person: WHAT? thats not a colour!?!? you stupid D.....etc...

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Anal intercourse. A corruption of the French idiom, à la turc, meaning, in the Turkish manner, meaning anal intercourse.

Do you like it turquoise?


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