What is Turtle?


Substitute for an 'easy' woman (ie - once their on their back they're fucked)

Gah! Callum! Your mums a turtle!


(v.) To play a video game in a highly defensive and reactionary fashion.

(n.) A video game player who exhibits such a style of play.

(adj.) In video games, prone to or executed in such a style of play.

Jeff Schaefer's turtle Sagat destroyed my Chun Li, because he would uppercut me as I jumped over the tiger shots that he was throwing from the other side of the screen.


Practical joke: To empty the contents of a backpack, flip it inside-out, then finish off by putting the contents back and zipping it up. Done when owner of backpack is unaware until later.

When he wasn't looking, I turtled his backpack.

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Turtles are reptiles of the order Testudines, most of whose body is shielded by a special bony or cartilaginous shell developed from their ribs. "Turtle" may either refer to the Testudines as a whole, or to particular Testudines which make up a form taxon that is not monophyletic.

Human : What's it like being a turtle?

Turtle: It's like being a walking house that eats lettuce.

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Condition in which a portion of feces has passed just beyond the anal sphincter.

See also turtle head

Dude I have to shit so bad, i am having a turtle


Slang term used in the bay area for marijuana. Coined turtle because it's green and makes you move slow.

We just smoked some turtle and are high.

See Sean


n. an uncircumcised penis; the head of the penis enclosed in the prepuce

The turtle came out of its shell while I was playing with it.

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