What is Tussy?


it's a ghetto ass deoderant

Man, this tussy is giving me a rash in my armpits


Pussy, vagina, vulva. Also describes getting any form of sexual activity.

I got some tussy last night.

That is a nice piece of tuss.


Ironic. A quality or attribute. Used to describe something high-class, fancy.

I love the tussy details on that chandelier! It makes the whole room look tussier.

See chic, classy, natty


Can be used as anything the user wants, could be an object,person(used in a diss) or commonly used to refer to weed

ex1:"your a tussy"

ex2:"got that tussy"

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Someone who thinks they are tough but are really a pussy.

That kid talked a big game, but after I wrecked him in the surfing contest, I discovered we was only a tussy.

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One who acts like a pansy. :)

Chris is such a tussy.

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Slang for tagina. The area located between the vagina and the taint.

Tussy is like tagina, but slannnnnnnnng!

See tagina, tenis, taint, tanus, vagina


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