What is Twitard?


pronounced twi-tard

One who takes fandom of Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer, to a level of or beyond obsession.

They often flames forum postings trying to defend the book, regardless whether the book was being critiqued negatively or not. They are also prone to using all caps, not checking their spelling/grammar, jumping to conclusions, falling in love with Edward, and biting people's heads of for just saying they didn't like the book.

They're worse than a rabid fan girl or a Narutard: it's a Twitard.

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An obsessive fan of the Twilight book series or movie. Can be anywhere from ages 10-40.

"I wish those Twitards would shut up about that travesty of a book!"

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A twitard is an obsessed fan of the suck ass vampire series Twilight.

Twitards are dangerous. Many have attacked innocent people all for saying they didn't like Twilight.

If you see a twitard, act with caution. They may pull a knife on you, throw acid in your face, hit you with Twilight it's self across the face and scratch your eyes out, just to name a few attacks that have happened.

Damn twitard pulled a knife on my granny all because she had never heard of Edward Cullen. WTF?

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A person whose obsession with Stephenie Meyers' Twilight is so intense their mental capacities are depressed.

She's such a twitard, she thinks that pale dude in bio is a vampire.

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A rabid Twilight fan that has the intellectual capacity of a squash.

If that twitard had any brains at all she'd not like that book half so much.

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A person who has read Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga and the Twilight movie, and completely obsesses over it.

*You try to control your thoughts because Edward might hear them.

*You refuse to believe that Edward Cullen does not exist.

*People stare at you funny because you and your friends are locked into a heated argument of vampire vs. werewolves.

*You cried through most of New Moon.

*Your dream car is a silver 2005 Volvo S60R or a yellow 911 Turbo Porsche

*You long to visit Forks, Washington

*You get excited anytime someone unexpectedly mentions anything about vampires.

*You talk about Edward and Twilight so much, that your friends read it just to shut you up

*You have come to hate the sun

*You start to see silver Volvos everywhere (I SWEAR I SAW ONE DRIVE BY)

*Every time you're in a grocery store, you have the urge to pick up and hold an apple

*You start cursing at Halloween shop windows when you see stereotypical vampire teeth and costumes.

Don't make fun of me and all of my Twitarded friends or I'll give you a paper cut right in front of Jasper...or I'll La Push you off a cliff...or, even better...I'll provoke the Volturra and blame it on you!

I am a Twitard!

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A pejorative term referring to a rabid, obsessed fan of the Twilight series (a.k.a. twihard).

Unlike regular twilighters, twitards practically worship the series (some even referring to it as the bible) and refuse to tolerate any parodies or critiques of their beloved obsession.

Twitards are known for expressing their dislike of people who don't like Twilight (especially anti-twilighters) through the following:

-yelling or abusing caps lock/exclamation points



-violence (including, but not limited to, punching, beating, kicking, and fish slaughter)

-ad hominems (the most common ones being: "you're ugly," "you've never read the 'saga'", and "you have no life.")

-false statistics

-expressing their and their friends unending love towards the series

-horrifying spelling, grammar, and syntax

Person: I don't like the Twilight series.

Twitard: OMG!!1! HOw CuLD U nOT LyK TWLIGHT!?/1/?

Person: Well, I think Edward is very abusi-

Twitard: NooO!!!1!!1!1 EDWarD Iz JuST PrOTeTIn BeLA HAO CulD U S4Y sUCH a THING alL mAH FreNDz luv tEH SaGA 98% oF tEenZ LUv TwilITE &7 onLY 2%5 Dont Soooo UR JuST uGLY HaTEr W/ nOOo lYF OMG U a**hoLE!1!!!1!!!!11

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