What is T'would?


A contraction of either "It would" or "That would". Used to shorten a sentence down in an easy to understand manner. Emulates Olde-English without accurately being such.

(You would use "t'was" or " 'twas". People more commonly spell the word "t'was" as "'twas", but it is more accurate to say t'was according to the rules of contractionin English grammar.)

James: Wanna go hang out at the mall next week?

Jill: T'would be cool. T'would be nice if you'd give me a call later this week to remind me though!

James: Would it? T'would be very difficult, since I don't have your number!

See twould, 'twould, twas


hybrid of it and would

"t'would be good"

See i, dont, give, a, shit


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