What is U Of Pacific School Of Dentistry?


UoP "artur a dugoni" school of dentistry spits and churns out a lot of cocky arrogant dentist. Even their admissions office and students are cocky, arrogant, condescending and full of shit. The only three year dental program in the nation that doesn't even prepare students well for their part II NBDE. Their didactics is a complete joke. They don't cover all the curriculums like other 4-year dental programs cover. Rip off school as well. Still uses the old fashion paper charts for their patients. The anatomy course doesn't even prepare you well for the part I board exam because the course is quarter based. Everybody seems to be happy at this dental school because they're either #1) smoking some good san francisco marijuana #2) not being criticized heavily by their instructors #3) just passing their classes because they're under-achievers. The office staffs also have their heads up their ass. KNown for choosing candidates with LOW gpa's and high PAT score. Wow, like PAT scores predict how well you do in dental school? Puleez! art dugoni also was a failure in dental school. He had to change dental schools from kansas city and go back home to san fran to attend UoP. LOL!

Harvard Pete: Hey bud, so are you applying to dental school this year?

Underachieving joe: Yeah, I am.

Harvard Pete: I just took my DAT and did excellent on it! I also have great grades.

underachieving joe: Well, hmmm, I have low GPA, and my DAT scores are mediocre except for PAT.

Harvard Pete: Well, I will probably apply to Harvard and Penn's dental program. And you?

underachieving joe: Me, I want to go to U of Pacific school of dentistry. AKA the "candyland dental school" of america. It's only 3 years, they don't teach you everything that other schools teach you, my parents can afford the horrendously expensive tuition, and my dad and mommy has donated over $1million to that school. I'm also dumb, stuck up, snobby, and just want to pass my classes. Typical under-achiever. I also don't care if I have to re-take my board and licensing exam 5 times. Hehehe!!


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