What is Ubb?


Stands for Ugly But Bangable. Basically a butterfaceor girl with a cute face with a lousy body, ect. Ugly, but not so ugly that you wouldn't hit it.

Guy #1: "What do you think about Jenny over there?"

Guy #2: "Eh. She's kinda weird looking. Definitely UBB though."

Guy #1: "Agreed."

See butterface, chub, hot, chud, hoodrat


Universal Beverage Base is a beverage mix used at Starbucks Coffee Company. This creme base is made of non-fat milk and sugar and is used to make all the coffee free frappuccino's. Universal Beverage Base is white and has the consistency of heavy whipping cream near solidifcation.

Jessica, you have to make more ubb, you spilt all those strawberry & creme frappuccino's on the floor!

See starbucks, frappuccino, coffee


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