What is Ubber?


It is the product of poor spelling and ignorance, the actual word is uber.

Think about pronuciatin for a second:

uber = oober

ubber = uhh-ber

<guy 1> "d00dz, this (blank) is soooooo ubber!"

<guy 2> "d00d, you're like uber retarded!"


It makes the word after it have even more meaning.

I love you ubber much.

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A german name. The most common of which is Dr. Christian Ubber. Although most people are retarded and use it incorrectly as if they're trying to say "Uber", which means of great ammount.

Dr. Christian Ubber is an German actor and University Professor best known for his role as Christian the christian on the streets of Cologne in the heart of Germany.

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I hope that child was thinking of Uber, because that is pretty funny if he misspelled it

what an ubber (sic) loser


Ubber is related to the german word "über" meaning over, about or via.

In slang it is sometimes used in front of an adjective to emphasise the meaning of the adjective (the adjective usually being something positive) or, alternatively, in front of a noun to point out that the noun is something very good.

"This cake is ubber good!"

"That's an ubber idea!"

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This simply means that if something is "Ubber" it doesn't get any better.

E.G: "That girl is Ubber Hot"

Translation: "Jessica Alba or Megen Fox"

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Way; a lot; taking the place of Super

I am ubber cool.


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