What is Ubell?


Ubell grammar is the study of the rules governing the use of the Ubell language, a constructed Indo-European language. It is in the composite sub-family of Romano-slavic.

Ubell nouns are not generally marked for gender. Gender is divided into 2 categories: Animate and Inanimate.

The Animate contains: masculine (m), feminine (f), and animate neuter (am). The Inanimate contains: inanimate neuter (in).

Nouns are generally IN, unless they are living. If the noun is male then it's M, the same goes for female.

AN is used normally for plants and animals, unless the sex of the plant or animal is known. It is also used in cases where sex of the noun is irrelevant or unknown.

ex: Jane's having a baby. - Jana darexje luciensoge ki qku.

We know Jane's is having a baby, but the sex of the baby is unknown, thus ki = to a(AN) is used.

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