Uber Chav

What is Uber Chav?


uber chavs are the kinda chavs you see mooching around looking for people`s days to ruin

they may be seen running over pet cats,throwing milkshakes at the elderly,threatening emos with knives or putting dogs into sacks and burning them

they can`t be separated from the normal chav (homo-inferior) usually until its to late and they've already phoned up there pikey mates to help them out,knowing they need at least 18 people to tackle a single "goff"

ayisha:hey wheres my cat?

ayishas mum:erm...5 uber chavs just ran over its head with there mini-motos they stole off that little girl*points at crying little girl*

ayisha:fucking necrophiliapediobeastophiles swallow cock and die

See uber chav, uber, chav, scum of the earth, scum of the universe


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