Uber Cynic

What is Uber Cynic?


A person who see things to be worse beyond all other views, over the top with sarcastic gloom and doom.

My glass is empty and half full of spit.


uber cynic, some one who complains about EVERYTHING.

i am an uber cynic and this site is terrible, you people have crap senses of humour and you all need friends. my girlfriend doesn't love me but i dont care because she chews gum funny and her dad once almost put on a hat i didn't like. my shoes are crap, the have a mud mark, im going too sue them, god i hate shoes....

See apeshit


People who don't love anything because there standards are way too high.

Clark: Maddox is an Uber Cynic.


One who is very negative and choc-full of bad karma.

The Uber Cynic complained about the sky and then shot and elderly man.


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