über Micro

What is über Micro?


Micro, short for micro managing. Used in rts (real time stratagy games), where the user has to control many induvidual units, giving each specific directions.

Uber, meaning over, above or dominant.

If someone has uber-micro, they are adept at managing units, and therefore, can own noobs.

I just got owned in Zero Hour, that guy had ubermicro

See stu


Above all, the masterful skill of keyboard management (in RTS or abstractly for every game requiring typeing skills).

That noob has no uber micro. his micro is not uber.

The "ownerer" has the uberest micro of them all.

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Used in the Pure Pwnage series (purepwnage), it is a term used to describe the ability using the keyboard and mouse to control multiple RTS units at once, in this case in Command and Conquer:Zero Hour

I just pwned that n00b with my Uber Micro

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Uber Micro is the ability to be able to command a vast amount of units (men) in rts games ( Command and Conquerand Starcraft) This skill if highly recognized amungst gamers (made popular by the hit internet series "Pure Pwnage") and should not be taken lightly.

Tim: "Yeah, I got pwnd the other day cause the guy I was playing had Uber Micro"

Dylan: "Stfu noob..."


Usually Koreans who play starcraft have insane Uber Micro


Jeremy from purepwnage has Uber Micro

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Über ==> The word 'Über' is taken from German and is used in exactly the same way by an English slang speaker as a German speaker would. Über in German literally means 'Over' or 'Above' and is often merged with other German words to emphasise their excellence. e.g. "Übersoldat" or "Over-soldier" literally translated. In English, we would sooner say, "Super-soldier", but the meaning is the same.

Micro ==> in strategy games: short form of "micromanagement"

conrast to macro/-management

controlling single units; do as many meaningfull actions as possible; special moves

in matches between 2 players with same tactical skills, the one with the best micro wins

Über Micro ===> like, Über Micro

Made Popular by the Pure Pwnage guy AKA teh Pwnernator AKA teh Pwnerer AKA guy who PWNs alot

Woukd you rather date a rich guy, or a guy with Über Micro? and the answer is: a comprehensive RICH GUY... sorry pwnerer

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Über Micro - the abilily to control various different units in Real-Time Strategy games. Micro is short for micro management, Über means larger, better, superior. Having Uber Micro means you are superb at controlling many different units at a time, or you pwnnoobs.

1) teh_pwnerer has über micro, he can pwn you with 1 Technical because he just has the micro.

2) that guy just pwned me, he definatelly had Über Micro.

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The Ability To do more than one thing, used in games. originated from the word micro-management. Few people can uber micro Properly. Used in the popular film, Pure Pwnage.

For Example, in A RTS (Real-Time Strategy) Game, the player is able to use uber micro to control many units in the game

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