Uber Sexual

What is Uber Sexual?


Man who is suppose to be in touch with his manly side, yet feminine enough for the ladies. Trendy and very fond of Ryan Seacrest. Shops at Armani Exchange and does not buy pants with the zipper in the front and back.

Dan, you are looking uber sexual in your collar up polo and steve madden shoes.

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Here's how it worked, metrosexual came along and suddenly being a straight guy who could be easily mistaken as being gay was cool, and like anything that becomes cool you always have the problem of....posers.....and there were alot of them, not to metion all the real metros who were pissed off at the posers. Thus uber sexual came along to further distinguish the real metros and the hardline posers from the less vigilant posers and the metros who didnt care bc they didint have to tell everyone they are metro.

a metro who became an uber sexual bc he was tired of posers.

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