What is Ubernoob?


The worst kind of noob, they have been playing for quite a while and they still arent picking up any skills.

You may also call someone an ubernoob when they are teamkilling and team flashing and generally being an annoyance even if they are quite skilled.

"Stop team wounding you ubernoob"

"ffs ubernoob, you got me killed again"



Comes from online gaming and is dervived from noob. Ubernoob is a higher level of noob and people often call people ubernoobs instead of just a normal noob for a change of pace when they kick people's ass.

*shoots friend in game then goes over and humps body yelling* Ha pwned you ubernoob.

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When someone is just SUCH a goddamn noob. The most high ranked of noobs on the planet.

Fucking Übernoobs!!! Go away!!!


Someone who is even more embarrassingly inept at gaming than just a regular noob; also used in non gaming situations

"Wow you really just missed that shot? You're definitely an ubernoob"

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Someone who is better at something then your average noob, but still sucks compared to most people.

He just started today seriously? Damn he's a ubernoob.

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