Ubertociosoly Grosem

What is Ubertociosoly Grosem?


Describes a person so called "pwning it up at CS:S" {CS:S is a fps designed for the fast-pace-gamer}

This word can be used as an adjective or or a verb. It may be used as past-tense{-ing} or future.

Created by Kristin'impuLsive'Jones, This word is most commonly found in mIRC (a common application for texting and pinging) and was first introduced to the CS:S community by CS:S Pros' future dreams in having new slang for the new gaming endevours.

"Bro, You were so ubertociosoly groseming it up last night"

"Wow, i wish i was as ubertociosoly grosem as you"

"You better be ubertociosoly grosem tonight or your cut"

See rapage, pwning, ripping, beasting, ownage


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