Ucsb Boy

What is Ucsb Boy?


UCSB Boys are slovenly booze hounds who never study. They are always either high or drunk. In between surfing and drinking, they smoke weed and enjoy casual, drunken sex with any willing participants (including animals and other men). They can frequently be seen playing frisbee shirtless, skateboarding or riding their beach cruisers while innocently licking ice cream cones obtained at the DLG. They are also against "fat beezies."

UCSB boy #1: Duude...I wannaa hit that Monkey

UCSB boy #2: Duude...you are totes wearing beer goggles- that is one fat beezy

See monkey, totes, jerks, ucsb, drunk, nick, creep ass, creeper, haters, fags, homos, queers, beastiality, hoes, ho, easy


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