What is Udnan?


A combination of two popular and equally terrible clan's names (Underworld-Dreams and Adnan) in the popular online game Asheron's Call on the Darktide server. The two for years have not officially made a peace, lest they look like Carebears (See carebear, or o.O) but have non the less insisted on Circle Jerking (See Soggy Biscuit) eachother for months. Thus earning them the derigatory term..


"Those damn UDnans are slobbering on eachothers nads again at Ayan."

"UD: You're great

Adnan: No you are

UD: No you are"


A small group of leet MMORPG players who attempted to dominate A server named Darktide through the use of Exploits and Duping in order to gain Maximum experience and the largest advantage in a PVP environments but failed.

The UDnan's are all rared out and camping the drop!

See adnan, ud, darktide


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