What is Ufb?


UnFuckingBelievable. Something so completely off the wall, out of the ordinary, uncommon, or otherwise difficult to comprehend as a fact or part of one's perception of reality, that it defies belief.

Dude, I was driving along minding my own business when a cop pulls me over. He walks up to my car all slow and sanctimonious like they always do and he leans down towards the window and says to me 'Hey, I'll forget about your speeding infraction if you can score me some kind bud.'

OMFG! That is so UFB!

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Ugly - Fucking - Bitch

Check out that woman over there, she's a major UFB!

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Unfuckingbelievable to indicate it is amazingly something.

A girl with big tits. UFB!

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Ugly Fucks Better. This is derived from the idea that ugly people are better lays than the pretty ones. The uglies are a good lay because they have to work harder to please you and they know they don't have thier looks to fall back on.

You:"Damn, she's a dog"

Me: "Don't knock it man, UFB!"

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Acroynm representing the phrase:

"Ultimate Friend Boy"

He's the guy that tries to befriend every girl in sight without the prospect of sex. The sexuality of the UFB is usually unknwn but more inclined to homosexuality. Synonym includes SGG= "Safe Gay Guy"

Doug sure dresses real nice and has a lot of girl friends. Are you sure he isn't an UFB?


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