What is Uff?


Uff 1- The term to describe a general effort in doing something or when a person does not want to do a task or anything that will involve a lot of effort for that person.

2- The term to describe the general disadvantage of a motion

3- The general disliking of something

Prononced Ooh-ff

Person- Do this fo me please

You- Uff


Person- Climb that mountain

You- UFF


You- Jeez climbing that mountain was just one big uff seriously. Its a sick joke.

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Ulster Freedom Fighters. Loyalist paramilitary group in Northern Ireland responible for sectarian deaths in the 'troubles'. Thought to have association with the Ulster Defence Association (UDA).

The UFF and IRA are murders.

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A small bear that has cocks on his face.

UFF has cocks on his face.

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UFF stands for

Ugly Fuck Face

People usually say this when a really bitchy girl is trying to hit on them and give them some type of STD. The girl usually has a rusty cunt. When doing the girl she usually screams. She will also occasionally squirt causing a mess. Then you have to scream YOU FUCKING UFF.

That UFF over there is trying to seduce that poor nerd, I guess we should warn him about the STD's that she has.

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A series of faces, known as the "UFF faces"

:) :D :P :o

:o :P :D :)

<UFF> yeah you gotta include the faces

<UFF> :) :D :P :o

<UFF> :o :P :D :)

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Loyalist paramilitary organisation in Northern Ireland the UFF(Ulster Freedom Fighters) is the killer wing of the UDA(Ulster Defence Association)


"The UFF are a ruthless and vicious killing machine"

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Offensive non-disguised version of 'fuck', as used by radio to bring that annoyingly to mind, much like f*** and f**k are more annoying than the original word. See also 'ish'.


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