Uff Da

What is Uff Da?


A multi use exclaimation.

Comes from immigrants from Scandinavia during the early part of the 20th century. If you are surprised you say "Uff da", if you are disgusted you say "Uff da", over worked? "Uff da"


from norwegian, used to express mild disappointment, similar to "oh my".

uff da, i dropped my pencil.

See tore


uff da is an expression that Norwegian Americans brought over the pond that has been misinterpreted for way too long. the correct definition of this phrase is "too bad", "oh, poor thing" a.s.o.

A: Oh, God... I failed my exam today!

B: Uff da... Let's go out and get your mind off of things for a while.

See uffdah, foreign, too bad, minnesotan


Scandanavian origin. Used to express compassion, empathy, or annoyance.

used as a word of Empathy: Your boyfriend just lost his job, you simply say, "Uff da."

used as a word of annoyance: As a teacher, your students miss the directions to the assignment due to chattering. Teacher murmurs, "Uff da."


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