What is Uffling?


The offspring of an *Uffy. Typically, but not necessarily exclusively, female. Often times more vocal and demanding than non-uffy children and much less apt to obey parental direction.

The physical result of a sexual interlude initiated by a successful Uffy Handshake.

Ufflings are not given uffy names until they reach the legal age to consume alcohol because of the risk of unauthorized uffy related behavior.

Ufflings are like apples in that they don't fall far from the perverbial tree.

Muffy, Buffy and Mabeluffy have ufflings. When the ufflings are at the sitter, the *uffys go out on the town. Similar to "When the cat's away, the mice will play".

Where is your uffling Buffy? She's at the sitter becuase I'm getting drunk and going out to the bars all night.

See uffy, valium


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