What is Ufia?


Unsolicited Finger In the Anus. Popularized on the website Fark and is a cliche among TotalFarkers. Originated from a news story about a young man who poked his friends in the backdoor with his finger on a high school football bus trip. In the story, the judge is quoted as saying "an unsolicited finger in the anus, while crude, is not criminal".

What should you get your mother for Christmas? Well, I gave her a UFIA.


Acronym for 'Unsolicited Finger In the Anus'.

1. A UFIA, while crude, is not criminal.

2. Startled at first, your mom enjoyed the UFIA immensely.


A high school Ultimate Frisbee club with the initials of UFIA to have double meaning. It is an excuse to display the acronym of "Unsolicited Finger in the Anus" but at the same time, for an ignorant school administration, "Ultimate Frisbee Is Awesome."

We wear UFIA tee shirts around school.

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Uniting Friends in America courtesy of Total (and Ultra) Fark.

A two-mile stretch of Tennessee highway has been adopted by "Drew Curtis' TotalFark UFIA."

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There are some who believe that UFIA stands for 'Unsolicited Finger In the Anus', but that is simply incorrect: UFIA actually stands for 'Uniting Friends in America'.

A two-mile stretch of Tennessee highway has been adopted by "Drew Curtis' TotalFark UFIA."

This highway was adopted by the good people of UFIA (Uniting Friends in America).

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Uniting Friends in America (well, that's the cover story, anyway)...

I swear, "Drew Curtis' TotalFark UFIA" has nothing to do with that anus thing...

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"Uniting Friends In America" club, a sub-set of fark memebers who enjoy traveling to parties.

Hey, it's UFIA time!

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