What is Ufo's?


The best pants in the world. The are light as a feather, they dry fast if you spill something on them, they don't wrinkle, they are easy to get in any size and are very adjustable, they come in almost every color, they have buttons on the pockets so your stuff doesn't fall out when you sit down, and they're the most comfortable pants ever. They fit snuggly around the waist and the legs are wide without looking like hakama pants (those dress-looking pants that you see martial artists wear sometimes)

I have four pairs of UFO's because they are the candy cigarettes of pants!

(you know, because candy cigarettes are the best candy ever)

See rave, raver, hip hop, hip-hop, baggy, raving


really fuckin comphy pants

i love to dance in my ufo pants!

See pixie


Unidentified flying object as in similar to a space ship.

Your kickstepping legs are ufos, watch out.

See Jord


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