What is Ufu?


An imprecise acronym for "You Fucked Up", coined by the author of this entry in his home, just least week.




It's really quite simple, and has wide application.

Other person: "Oh sorry man, I spilled a few pomegranate seeds in your new bedsheets."

Me: "UFU. Big time UFU."

Other person: "Huh?"

Me: "UFU... It's an acronym for U Fucked Up. I made it up just now. My brain has all types of crazy ideas."

Other person: "I'd say so."

Me: "Ouch. Obviously the first bad idea was trusting you. Now let's get those sheets clean."

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the acronym for Urine Flow Unit. pronounced by the letters: 'yoo-eff-yoo.'

a measure to describe the rate of liquid flow. one Urine Flow Unit, or UFU, is equivalent to the rate of a normal, unhurried piss. a full bladder may dispense urine in excess of one (1) UFU.

the utility of the Urine Flow Unit is not restricted to bodily fluid, but indeed any flow of beverage, water, or other liquid.

UFU is an American standard measure. To convert to metric, multiply by 1.54.

Whoa, the milk dispenser in D2 is really crankin' out the skim milk today. I'd say it's gotta be in excess of 4 UFUs.

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