What is Ugbot?


noun; like, an ugly fiend, not aesthetically ugly, but characteristically unprepossessing.

can be used in either a malicious situation to convey bitterness, or as a light hearted dis.

(in an msn convo)

you: according to the computer

friend: yours talks to you?!

you: yeah, doesnt yours (?!)

you: hahahaha

friend: NO YOU UGBOT

See spaz, nark, idiot, retard


noun. like, an ugly fiend. However not in an aesthetic way, more of a characteristically unprepossessing attribute.

can be used as either a malicious attack on someone, or, as a light hearted diss.

subject: according to the computer!

friend: Yours talks to you?!

subject: yeah.. doesnt yours (?!)

subject: hahaha. NO you UGBOT!

See silly, idiot, retard, spak, spaz, jewboy


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