Ugly Bus

What is Ugly Bus?


The bus that goes from Georgica to Lismore, and is full of people, most of who are ugly. The bus itself is also displeasing to the eye, as is the busdriver, who always wears the same jacket, regardless of the temperature.

It also stands for everything that is morally wrong with the world.

Originated in 2004.

Example One:

Horatio: This afternoon, I'm catching the ugly bus.

Me: Dont talk to me again.

Example Two:

Tyra: That guy is hot!

Me: He catches the ugly bus...

Tyra: Oh Dear God NO! *shoots herself*

Example Three:

Catherine: Come to my place this arvo. I catch that bus! *points to ugly bus*

Me: I would rather dig a hole in the ground, bury myself to my waist, pour roofing tar over my head, and wait for wild animals to eat me.

Catherine: You are such a bitch!

Me: I'd rather be a bitch then catch the ugly bus!

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Its the bus that comes along at 1o pm when youre in the toilet at the pub and it brings all the HOT chicks from around town and removes all the dogs from the pub.

When you return from the toilet youre surrounded by gorgeous models and normally regret having gone home with the Russian Ballerina with the cute dimples because somehow during the night she turned into a Russian Weight lifter with 6 chins on the back of her head.

Source nixus

<fx> dude! the place aint z0mp at all. lets get the fuck out of here

<terabyte> haha no way dude. the ugly bus is on its way, have 3 more drinks you'll see

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