What is Ull?


a noise made by many strake/st. agnes students to indicate a range of emotions including (but not limited to) regret, embarrassment, uncertainty, disgust, and hesitant disagreement. used best with a hand motion of both hands, palm out, shaking back and forth as if to say "not me." we think it came from mrs. mouton, but we can't be totally sure.

"i just ran a red light and now that cop is following me. ulll..."

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The way poeple from the city of Hull (UK) pronounce the name of their city.

Hey dude; you from Ull or Leeds?

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Idiotic variation of "you'll or you shall/will". Looks like it should be pronounced, 'uhl', like 'pull'.

Doofus: so ull go to da prom wif me tonite????/////

Zelda: Hell no.

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