What is Ulte-qwn?


(Pronounced "ool-ti quon")

This...goes beyond qwn.

Imagine climbing higher than Everest, higher than high...

It's that feeling you get when you expect to be paid US$16/hr but they offer you US$26/hr...

The feeling you get from wearing out three insatiable sluts and still ready for action...

You then enter the zone: the ulte-qwn.

The ulte-qwn is the Nietzschian equivalent to the Superman. Not a nihilist viewpoint, but more of an etherialist-humanist who acheives greatness through overcoming adversity and suffering.

It's in times when I crush my enemies, have them driven before me and hear the lamentations of their women, when I feel I am ulte-qwn!

See 1337, pwn, pwned, qwn, qwned


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