Ultimate Frisbee

What is Ultimate Frisbee?


Best game. Ultimate players play for the love of the game.

Dad: Where were you?

Me: Playing ultimate frisbee.

Dad: Who won?

Me: Nobody, we play for the fun of it...

Dad: Weird.

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A great game played with a frisbee invented by Joel Silver and Buzzy Hellring at Columbia High School in Maplewood, NJ in 1968.

Let's go play some ultimate!!!

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A sport played by college kids and obsessive debaters when they should be studying.

We've got a big tourney coming up, let's go play some ultimate!

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Best game ever played. Common among collage students and hippies. Equipment includes frisbee disc, and a field where a disc may be thrown. 7 players per team each one with an endzone. One team tries to throw the frisbee down the field and catch it in the opposing teams endzone. Main rule: no running with the disc. Ultimate Frisbee is a self regulated self officiated game, there are no refs, all part of spirit of the game. Players judge themselves and all have a good attitude.

person 1: lets go play ultimate frisbee,

person 2: Ok! there is a pick up game at the local collage.

person 3: don't forget your sandals.

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A game played with a discand seven players per team on the field at a time. Object is to score by catching the disc in the correct endzone. Games are usually played to 13 or 15 unless a time cap is put on. Players cannot run with the disc, it must be worked up the field, generally by "handlers" passing to "cutters". A very athleticsport that demands running comparable to soccer or football.

Started on the East Coast in the late 1960s and is now played at a national level. Is run by the "Spirit of the Game"TM. Games can be as unorganized as pickup games with friends or they can be organized by clubs, leagues, schools, or the Ultimate Player's Association(UPA).

"You say you play Ultimate Frisbee, like in disc golf?"

"No, as in Ultimate."

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game of getting high and getting low, fast-paced and harcore

I'd rather be playing ultimate frisbee than anything, even sex

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Also reffered to as 'Ultimate' A great game that is sweeping the nation, and that only fags could dislike

Who's up for a game of Ultimate Frisbee?

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