Ultimate Weapon

What is Ultimate Weapon?


The second easiest WEAPON to beat in FF7. It takes the longest and is a pain to track down after each battle. The WEAPON itself is not too tough. To engage combat, wait for it to hover, then ram it with your airship. Most of its attacks do 1,500-3,000 points of damage. After taking 5,000-10,000 points of damage, the WEAPON will fly away and you have to track it down. Repeat this until the final battle over Cosmo Canyon where it will crash and destroy much of the canyon. Watch out for Ultimate's final attack, Shadow Flare, doing 5,000 points of damage if blocked by MBarrier. The rewards for your success are the Ultima Weapon and access to the Ancient Forest.

I was so pissed at Ultimate Weapon for making me take 20 minutes track it down, so I used KOTRand it headed straight for Cosmo Canyon.


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