What is Umarikinz?


As in NAU (North American Union) Americans.

Slang term meant as a derogatory description of citizens of the North American continent who are not part of the NWO (New World Order) elite.

They are the dumbed-down (by design) masses of the NAU who can no longer think for themselves but who rely on the government to provide them with both the Du Jour 'terror(ist)' and the 'solution' to combat the currently depicted boogyman.

dev.: those citizens of north america who have been selected or 'marked' for further processes (such as experimentation, interment, or extinction) by the NWO elite; which is 80% - 90% of the human world population.

ex:-- Sarah Palin is good looking, but isn't that what's of the highest importance to most UMARIKINz? (contrary to the thinking person's evaluation of events and personalities.)

See citizens, nau, outed, nwo, new world order, north american union


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