What is Umat?


"UMAT" is the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Science Admission Test. It is "a test of general reasoning ability designed to provide a measure of your aptitude for the study of medicine and the health professions."

A 2.5 hour test held at a predetermined location, the UMAT is basically a large gathering of people (who regard themselves as) of above average intelligence who want to be a doctor, or whose parents want them to be doctors.

Overrepresentation of the Indian, Sri Lankan and general Asian populations.

"I have the UMAT tomorrow, I'm so stressed I really want to be a doctor I've been doing heaps of medentry practice stuff but i can only ever get like 95% aargh I'm going to fail and then cos my UAI will only be like 99.65 I won't be able to be a doctor and then I'll be the disgrace of my family."

"Dude, there's like a thousand people here. And another thousand this afternoon. Only a handful are actually going to get in."

"Oh look, there's Neha, Puja, Aditi, Amit, Suresh, Prianka, Raj, Ramesh, Sangeeta, Anil and Manish."

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