What is Umm?


it means shut up im thinking and i probably wont have a very good answer.

what is the capitopl of yugoslavia?

umm i think umm i dunno umm b something


1.umm is a word commonnley used in times of indecision

Tim, "Cecil would you like pizza or tacos for dinner?"

Cecil, "Umm."

Tim, "Tacos it is then."

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Definitely not

I agree

Of course I am listening, darling

Ooh that feels good

Ouch that hurts

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a cigarette that has already bein lit and smoked and put out before finished to save until later.

Umm jar: The jar you put your umms in. Or any jar that looks like a bee

Bra, make that a umm because we only have 3 left.

Put your Umm in the Umm jar.

Go get two'uh'em out of the umm jar.

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