What is Ump?


A result of an unintentional bowel movement. A single pebble of feces resembling the texture of popcorn shrimp.

While getting blown I accidentally bounced an ump off her chin.


1. The infamous Universal Machine Pistole from Counter-Strike. A very poor performance weapon

2. The action of owning (or in extrem cases, pwning) someone in Counter-Strike using a UMP. Because the gun sucks so much, killing someone with it can sometimes be an amazing task.

"Man, you got ump'd!"

See cs, counter-strike, gun, pwnage, ownage


Stands for Universal MaschinenPistole or Universal Sub Machine Gun.

Manufactured by Heckler & Koch.

Very light weight.

Many mods available for it.

Uses the same .45 ACP ammo as the usp.

Famous in Counter-Strike.

UMP is not a very good weapon in Counter-Strike.


An aconym for Universal Machine Pistole. I weapon that fires a 0.45 ACP round at a RPM rate of about 500. Some would call this Slow for a Submachine Gun of the 90's, but when examined closer, the higher caliber of the slug makes the delay all the more worth it.

A 25 round stick magazine protrudes from the bottom of the gun's body and a small muzzle with grooves for a silencer sticks off the front.

Over all, a Wonderful weapon in Real life.

However, the Developers of games Like Counterstrike have Butchered the True nature of the Weapon and made it second best to it's baby brother, the Mp5.

(even so, I'll still use and WIN with my UMP)

1) That's a nice SOCOM silencer you've put on you're UMP 45.

2) 45 ACP: Finaly got a decent rampage with my UMP


Shortened form of 'umpire' used by baseball players, managers, and anyone connected with the game.

Fans don't call umpires 'umps'- they usually use more offensive names.


Universal Machine Pistol

Developed by Heckler & Koch. 25-round clip chambered for .45acp.

Considered to be "an MP5 for experts". Considered by me to be "the modern-day Tommygun".

"The UMP is just a gun one can just fuck with in Counterstrike. It serves you bad, then it serves you good. It's a hypocritical gun it that's why I deem it as 'a gun you fuck with once in a while'."


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A 9mmparabellum and .45ACP caliber submachinegun manufactured by Heckler & Koch, Germany. Also the sound Ted Kennedy makes if you knee him in the scrotum.

THWACK! "UMP!" Bingo!

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