What is Ums?


Abrieviation for "Use Map Settings." It comes from StarCraft, where custom made maps of great inginuity were

GreedyOne: So, you up for a ums?

^BREEZE^: I'm so gosu, I don't play ums anymore.


GreedyOne: I just made a l337 map!

^BREEZE^: is it ums?

GreedyOne: Yeah..

^BREEZE^: Don't make me take Brian's mom away from you.


Adding "ums" to words will make them better in all ways. Except when you use "ums" to make words longer than they usually are. One of the few exceptions to this rule is Dogums, meaning Dog, but making it kick ass.

GayFgt24: Let's play some basketballums after we practice guitarums.

SmartNub43: Dogums.

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Generic Tums. Often found in bottles of 150, at Walgreens (Wall-Ums), Long's Pharmacy, CVS, etc. Lacking expensive Tums-branded wrapping, they are best carried in a sammich baggie.

What's in that baggy?

Ums. Need one?

Nah, I'm cool.

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very cuddly like,can be used as a verb but not usually

or an adjactive

"damn that rave was ums"(adj.)

"he was umsin all over the place."(verb.)

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Ultimate Munchies Sandwich. the one and only. we all have that one sandwhich made of anything we pretty much fancy when we're in that state of mind and that we dig into at the odd hours of the A.M. when we get home high with the munchies. this is the one.

x : oh man, I'm sooo high, and I'm starting to feel hungry too.

y : are you feeling some UMS?

x : Ultimate Munchies Sandwhich? Totally, let's do it.

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