Un Chien Andalou

What is Un Chien Andalou?


Short French surrealist film created in 1928/1929 by Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel. The provocative, shock film opens with a scene where a womans eye is sliced open by a razor and is followed by a series of surreal scenes including severed hands, dead donkeys and a man with ants emerging from a hole in his hand.

The film is also mentioned in The Pixies song " Debaser".

Dali and Bunuel later worked together on a similar surrealist film named L'Age d'Or which was consequently banned in many countries.

I can't think of an example


Probably the greatest short film in existence by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali, and one of the most influential films ever. Preferable, in my view, to the longer follow-up *L'Age d'Or*, if only because *Un Chien Andalou* wastes no time trying to construct an even peripheral narrative. Just seventeen minutes of masterly, bizarre images and dream-logic. There's something gratifying in the fact that, in Bunuel's first film, Bunuel himself is practically the first thing we see. After he cuts open a woman's eyeball with a straight razor, we see him no more. A fine introduction. The Pixies made Debaser which is a song about the film.

Have you seen Un Chien Andalou?


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