What is Uncunted?


when you severly piss off a woman she can become uncunted.

after telling my wife ive been cheating on her, she became uncunted and she threw all my things out the window, then reached for a knife, but i fled the scene quickly and eluded her attach.


An emotional condition caused by an accute and total breakdown of all normal, logical and reasoning skills caused when a women suddenly becomes so pissed off that she loses all self control (i.e. emotions, bodily functions, mouth, etc.) This condition is usually caused by someone of the male gender or a co-worker (male or female).

"Man, when my wife found out how much I spent last night at the bar, she was uncunted!"

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To have something that has been set in place come undone or unraveled, either it being a physical object, or a state of mind.

"I had the door locked tight, but the storm last night got it all uncunted."

"I was fine until Ben picked on me, so now my day has been thoroughly uncunted."

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