What is Uncur?


An abbreviated form of the phrase "I don't care". This variant is typically used

a)by the African-America inner-city crowd.

b)by anyone, who wishes to make it seem as if they don't care, when in fact, they do.

AA1: Wanna go rape some unsuspecting white women?

AA2: Uncur


A lazy ass way of saying.. "I don't care" - and that is simply all folks.

"Uncur" can also be used in a manner of which you really truly care but you only want to mask your feelings to sound careless and tough. (Try saying it while shrugging)

Quaneesha: J-DAWG!! Where you beeeeeeen?? I made some fried sssshiken and cone breeaaaheeaad fo ya.

*drops plate on floor*

AWWWW SHEEEEET, dayam baby I'm sorray.

John: (shrugs) Uncur.


A compact, condensed version of "I don't care", more commonly used among those who ironically "don't care".

When asked where she wanted to go for dinner, Goth Girl Jane replied "uncur".


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