What is Undictionary?


The undictionary is the opposite of the dictionary. It shows how all words and concepts including these have no real meaning and why, starting with the word aand ending with the letter z. It is very useful when one wants to control her/his own life, by so called others, and escape being a machine. It can refute any argument or control over ones life, provided one follows what is commonly called karma. It is starting to be assembled here and now, the only time and place that might be. We all know time, space, words, ideas, life, life, death, are just some of the more major ideas that have been used to control our behavior to reduce our lives to the mechanical level. Once the undictionary is fully assembled and widely accepted we can start to get out of the cave of plato and live life. Please remember words are only like fingers pointing, to start to get us where we need to go, and have no absolute intrincic meaning. One can not point to any thing except a thing itself, THAT thing pointed to is it's own meaning, not the words that are commonly applied to it.

"Eddy look up "homework" in the undictionary and showed his teacher why it didn't really exist. She realized how smart he was and gave him a PhD degree and he could go back to working 6 hours a year for a middle class existence the way it should have been all along, and will be once the undictionary is accepted as meaningful, or more so, than the standard Webster-type dictionary."

See freedom, nirvana


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