What is Undie?


A piece of underwear, though usually used in plural.

Oh dear, I don't appear to be wearing any undies.

See underwear, undies, knickers, pants, panties


In Great Britain and Ireland, an abbreviation of "underwear"

Christ on a bike I've soiled me undies

See knickers, drawers, pants, smalls, briefs


cuteway of saying underwear.

My undies are all bunched up.

See underpants, panties


an under cover cop, specifically one walking around a concert parking lot or music festival. These slimy subhuman lifeforms are usually sent out to chase drugs, and make unfair arreests.

I cant work here, this place is crawling with undies

See undercover, cop, pig, lot, drugs, undie


People from Australia - from the land down under.

“Yeah he's an undie, you can tell by the Crocodile Dundee accent.”

See australian, aussie, down under


basically it means "underground indie" (underground + diminutive of independent).

to designate a band which works under the "diy" (do it yourself) theory.


An abbreviation for underground hip-hop. Originally conceived as a soundalike alternative to "indie," which signifies fey boys with jangly guitars.

Undie is the straight shit, brah. The radio is wack.


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