What is Unforgiven?


Metallica's best song, by the way, the album St. Anger is fucking horrible

unforgiven is hell better than St. Anger, and I hope it dies


Unforgiven, or Surf-h UnForgiven, is new term, used to describe leet counter-strike players, that are especially good at surfing. They normally hang around in certain maps of source, such as leet_turbo and greatriver.

But the bashy, pwns pl0x for the sansome.

"Holy crap!! that guy is such a leet UnForgiven! like omggg!!!! Marry me pl0x"

" Will UnForgiven pwn you pl0x or pwn me pl0x teh has leetsauce in veins, in body imnd spirit and dust2"

See unforgiven, surf, bashy


the best clan on socom1 and socom2. no-one ever forgives UN4 after gettin owned!

UNFORGIVEN = total ownage!

"only the weak ask for forgiveness"


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