What is Uniball?


a man only having one testicle

Stevie K has is a uniball because he only has one testicle


A pen making company

I have a uniball pen, and my friend thought the pen only had one ball

See duhhh


An odd attraction in the form of a online game that draws out all nerds, geeks and people who generally don't shower.

I'd rather clean out the crabs from my pussy with a rake than to play another second of Uniball.


condition in which instead of having two testicles a man, they're so small that they appear like they only have one. which is usually an insult if you hear a girl talking about her boyfriend's uniball

p1: dude, tim is so hot!

p2: yeah he is....but i heard from katrina that he has a major uniball situation goin on

p1: *gags* oh snap. never mind then

See insult, man, male


Having one testicle inside of the scrotum instead of having the usual two. This normally produces half the amount of semen as having two.

Dave lost his testicle in an accident so he then had a uniball

See Don


When you get a really good atomic wedgie, you can lose your ball in your stomach.

Chase, shut your uniballed mouth!

Your half the man I am


When you have one testicle tightly packed in your ballsac to the underside of your cock

Gaz has a uniball


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