Union Bridge

What is Union Bridge?


Union Bridge is one of the most boring places on the planet Earth. Younger locals call it "the bridge" because no matter how you want to get out of town, you have to cross a bridge. Union Bridge is a one stoplight town in Carroll County, MD (which almost says enough). Union Bridge has two liquor stores, a gun cellar and three churches. Though there is a main street revitilization comittee that is trying to make the town look prettier, the Lehigh Cement factory has made it impossible for the town to ever look good again. Lehigh's couple hundred foot tower right in town can be seen at night from the top of ski liberty mountain resort which is about 20 something miles away. Also, no matter what basement you are in in Union Bridge, you can feel vibrations from the blasts at the quarry. Cement dust from Lehigh gathers on cars and can ony be washed off with vinegar. There are numerous drug busts, but that's about all the crime that happens. Parties never happen unless its with underage kids and cops. If its Winter, kids can sled down one of the many corn fields. In the summer, if you don't have a car or your parents aren't willing to drive you, you're screwed cause there aren't any pools or theme parks nearby.

Imagine your heart has been stabbed 87,000 times by a car key. That's what summers are like in Union Bridge if you don't have any friends.

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