What is Unions?


Useless in today’s workforce. The backbone of the Democrat party. The single biggest threat to corporate America. An antiquated union of organized laborers originally formed to protect laborers from unfair labor practices that now has turned into a demanding list of unreasonable promises from companies. Unions have become corrupt and now promote overpay, laziness and corruption for the intent of receiving unmerited benefits. The auto industry’s UAW has ruined the state of Michigan demanding high pay for unskilled work in a struggling industry. You often pay union dues and get NOTHING for your investment (no union representation when under corporate discipline). All unions do is bitch about corporate injustices and retaliate against the hand that feeds them by deliberately sitting on their asses or picketing, while hoping the company will give into their immature demands and pay them an unmerited higher wage. They want more pay for less skill, work and productivity. No wonder corporations don’t want a labor union. I hate them too. The labor union is detremental to corporate America and is the reason why the Rust Belt exists today. They are useless and antiquated.

I hate the unions. They are almost all bad.

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